Dr Carlos Wesley
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10th Sep


As a leader in his field, Dr. Wesley has been selected to present his method of surgical hair restoration at the 25th Annual World Congress for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) held in Prague.  At the capital of the Czech ...

25th Jul


Our office is thrilled to have been awarded the International Star Diamond Award  for quality. While surgical results can be conveyed in images and often speak for themselves, this prestigious award bestowed by the American Academy of Hospitality ...

23rd Jun


  Interested in learning about any medical topic directly from the source without having to take the trip into the doctor’s office?  ClearDoc.com is a novel website with this objective in mind.  Featuring hundreds of physician specialists ...

31st May


For decades, hair growth stimulants have been proposed and (at times) been proven to have a beneficial effect on hair follicle growth. Recently, there has been increased discussion surrounding the value of wasabi – not only in the kitchen, but also ...

27th Apr


Recently, the FDA granted clearance to the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, which is said to reduce the activity of hair follicles during chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. Dr. Wesley helped shed light on the possible benefit ofthis device in his ...

23rd Mar


Within such a unique subspecialty, Dr. Wesley, approaches the topic of hair thinning in a variety of ways.  The editors of New Beauty Magazine sat down with Dr. Wesley to discuss one of the more “under the radar” treatments to enhance ...

24th Feb


The fashion and style displayed along the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards each year is unparalleled.  The statement of each outfit and hairstyle often sets off a flurry of social media commentary. In recent years, the look of glamour is achieved by ...

1st Feb


The Dermatology Department of The State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn (SUNY Downstate Medical Center) featured Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. as he delivered their Grand Rounds lecture recently. Dr. Wesley discussed the merits of ...

9th Jan


Just as 2017 appeared, Brooks Emerson Wesley burst onto the scene at 4:38am on January 1st!  His presence (and his mother, Anna Kaiser’s, birth story) became known to the world shortly thereafter!

1st Dec


A common frustration that many women face during the weeks and months immediately following pregnancy is the change in hair density and caliber.  Vogue Magazine sat down with Carlos K. Wesley, MD to discuss the biological basis behind these hair changes ...

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