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Dr. Wesley Investigates Trends in Surgical Patient Comfort

While numerous advances have been made in surgical aesthetics over the past few decades, Dr. Wesley’s most recent publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology focuses on post-operative comfort that patients experience. Compiling nearly a decades-worth of patient experiences, Dr. Wesley, along with co-authors: Drs. Walter, Robin, and Mark Unger as well as Dr. Marla Rosenberg, examines various neurosensory patterns experienced in the donor area in “Factors Influencing Post-operative Hyperesthesia in Hair Restoration Surgery”.

While investigating 552 patient experiences in both the United States and Canada, intra-operative variables such as the size of the session, degree of electrocautery usage, saline tumescence administration, tension upon donor area closure, peri-lesional corticosteroid injection were analyzed along with standard demographic variables such as patient age, gender, the number of surgical session undergone, and the number of different physicians with whom the patient has undergone the surgery.

The results suggest that minimizing the variation in surgical technique with subsequent procedures may help reduce incidences of post-operative discomfort. The article may be viewed here

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