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Dr Carlos Wesley
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Carlos K Wesley

Carlos K. Wesley, M.D., graduated cum laude from Princeton University. He received his medical degree from Yale Medical School where he earned various awards for academic excellence. Specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of men's and women's hair loss, Dr. Wesley is also the Founder and CEO of Pilofocus: a biomedical technology company dedicated to scarless surgical hair treatment. We welcome you to learn more about his approach to patient care and his achievements in advancing and improving the surgical field.

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28th Aug, 2018

Of the numerous physiologic changes that women anticipate during and after pregnancy, the impact on a mother’s ...

29th Jun, 2018

Combining the scientifically-proven elements for hair health into a single capsule, Dr. Wesley can now provide ...

21st Mar, 2018

Hair Transplants are not just for men. As the number of female patients opting for surgical hair restoration grows, ...

8th Feb, 2018

  Dr. Wesley was recently awarded the Distinguished Doctor Designation© from the Expert Network.  This ...

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