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Hair Loss Center Pennsylvania

Hair Restoration Center Pennsylvania
Dr. Carlos K Wesley welcomes you for complete recovery from hair loss and balding problem with most efficient and successful Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique in Pennsylvania. Dr. Wesley is an authority of advanced micrografting technology. He had his degree on medical from Yale University School of Medicine and became as an honorable member of “International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons” for his contribution in field of surgical hair transplantation.

If you are depressed because of constant hair fall and early sign of balding Dr. Carlos K Wesley hair Clinic can give you permanent surgical solution that regain your locks with latest harmless FUT and FUE method and rediscover the aesthetic of your appearance.

Understanding hair loss Pennsylvania
Female hair loss or male pattern baldness may be caused by different issues. One can carry it in genetics or a major or minor head injury, disease; even long term medication can cause acute hair loss. DHT hormone is a common reason of alopecia among men.

This is important to do right diagnosis of the reason and pattern of hair loss to understand if the patient is prospective subject of hair loss medication or he or she needs a hair restoration surgery. To make a right assessment Dr. Wesley starts the therapy doing thorough verification of medical history and patient’s present physical condition and suggest for a surgery only if you are right candidate for it.

Hair restoration surgery Pennsylvania
With the new advent of highly effective Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology now hair transplantation is executed without any future risk of infection, leaving minimal scar or spot on patient. Understanding the nature of your hair loss doctor performs suitable surgery on you. If patient is in need of covering a large balding area then FUT would be a better solution. FUE is good for those who wear very short hair.

Effortless surgery in Pennsylvania
Our Pennsylvania clinic is accessible by all around the state with any available mass transportation. Here specialized cosmetic surgeons perform surgery in high comfort zone so that patient can have a total stress free ambience. One can enjoy watching movies or have a meal when doctors do their duty. Dr. Wesley gives special attention to post surgery healing and allow regular check up for certain period.

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