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Hair transplant Maryland

Dr. Carlos K Wesley welcomes you in his clinic for most sophisticated and effective micro-surgical hair transplantation in Maryland. A major portion of US population is suffering from the issue of hair loss and baldness. If you are one of them, we can treat your problem and restore your growth of natural hair through secured scientific method.

Dr. Carlos Wesley for hair restoration Maryland
Dr. Wesley is an acclaimed expertise in the field of surgical hair restoration. He earned several acclamations for his work with hair transplantation and earned membership in highly esteemed organizations like “International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons” (IAHRS) and many more. He is an authority in doing Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to regain your locks without leaving any unnatural hairline or scar to spoil your natural aesthetic.

Recognizing hair loss Maryland
Before starting the complex process of surgical hair-transplant, analyzing hair loss pattern its cause and ideal cure is mandatory. Dr. Wesley will do physical assessment of the patients on the first sitting and run a study on medical record of them to make a diagnosis and determining the right therapy. Hair loss can be consequence of genetics, previous wound or present lifestyle. In all cases, FUE and FUT can cure you recapturing lost hair density in balding zone.

Micro-surgical hair restoration in Maryland
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the newest invention in the field of hair transplantation that harvest follicular tissue from donor area not exposed to hair loss and implanted in the hairless region. Both method of hair transplantation is done under expert’s supervision leaving no post surgical blemish on your skin. Our doctors are highly focused to give you a secured treatment without bothering your aesthetic frame.

In Dr. Carlos K Wesley hair restoration clinic Maryland, we take significant steps to make patients relax and comfortable in the duration of surgical therapy. Patient can watch their favorite film on DVD or have meals during the surgery is going on.

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