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25th May


Refinery 29 Seeks Anti-Aging Hair Tips from Dr. Wesley

Dr. Carlos Wesley sat down with Refinery29 to provide insight towards their recent feature entitled, “The Beauty Industry Thinks Your Hair is Old.”  The term “anti-aging” is most often applied to skin products.  However, this term is increasingly used to describe the various at-home treatments for hair as well.

So, Lyndsay Green of Refinery29 tapped some trusted hair pros to weigh in on this new hair-care trend. Turns out there may be some method to the madness. “Hair is very much alive,” says Carlos K. Wesley, MD, a NYC-based specialist in medical and surgical treatments for hair loss. “Hair is constantly being built and reborn, and even when it falls out, there are new strands already growing back in. That being said, each time hair grows back in, it grows back a little bit finer.” (click here to read the full article)

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