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“Thank you” to my colleagues…

Thank you to my colleagues on the front lines. Here was an effort to support those at Elmhurst Hospital, the institution at the center of our nation’s COVID-19 outbreak.

logo-88x40We all want to help in some way during this novel coronavirus pandemic. Even as a physician, the path is not so clearly defined. As one of the 90,000 health care volunteers offering their services to help in this fight, the assignment never came. I officially received more “rejection letters” during this volunteer application phase than I did during my entire college application process!

Still, our office found a way to help those who need it most. Donating a car full of respiratory protective devices, surgical gowns, and anesthesia masks to a truly appreciative volunteer corp at this noble institution reminded me that no matter how helpless we may feel, there are and will continue to be windows of opportunity to share what we can.

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