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Goop Asks Dr. Wesley “What Can (Really) Be Done…?”

While numerous claims are made online regarding a new approach to magically regrow hair, Goop and World Best News wanted to get the inside scoop from Dr. Wesley regarding the most effective proven therapies available. In their piece “What Can (Really) Be Done About Hair Loss?” Dr. Wesley describes a number of non-surgical methods that can effectively reverse the biological process of hair thinning and hair loss.

Hair loss is far more frequent than you would possibly assume: Nearly 50 % of ladies undergo from hair loss sooner or later of their lives. The explanations vary from hormones and genetics to easy-to-miss, surprisingly vital stressors in our lives.

While the influences on hair can be numerous, the treatments to address each of these factors is growing as the efficacy of treatments also increases. While there is no cure for a genetic predisposition to hair loss, Dr. Wesley alongside Dr. Amy Wechsler discuss the positive changes patients can make to ensure proper nutrition, hormonal balance, and inflammation reduction. Combined, these approaches can help women and men alike return some of their healthy hair volume.

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