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Hair Loss Center New Jersey

Welcome to Dr Carlos Wesley Hair Clinic for advanced Surgical Hair Transplantation New Jersey. People who are seeking permanent cure for hair loss problem now get ultimate solution without a risk of harmful side effect. A Princeton and Yale graduated cosmetic surgeon Dr Carlos Wesley is offering complex hair transplant surgeries like Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and guarantees best treatment with highest care. He is an expertise in this field honored by numerous awards and appellation for his valuable contribution in field of hair restoration surgeries and treatments.

People around New Jersey can avail our service
Our New York City office is well connected with every transportation tools in New Jersey. Patients can reach us easily by bus and train from various destination of New Jersey.

Complete Consultation for New Jersey
Every individual who comes to us with severe case of hair loss is provided with a complete hair loss consultation, what includes a scrupulous assessment of the nature of hair fall, the reason and possible treatment of it. According to the need patients are advised for best remedial option for them what can be either by general medication or hair restoration surgeries.

Surgical Hair Restoration for New Jersey
Here Dr. Wesley treats every surgical patient with most effective Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique as per their need. In both cases hair is yielded from donor area and implanted in balding area with top-notch technique. We take special care so that the aesthetic is not affected with post surgical linear scar. The whole surgery is done under specialist’s supervision giving maximum importance to patient’s comfort and convenience.

Rescue from previous misses
Our New Jersey office often welcomes clients who fall victim of obsolete hair grafting procedures or bad hair transplantation surgeries. Dr. Wesley makes effortless and efficient moves on their issues and reinstates healthy and natural hair recapturing the lost aesthetic.

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