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23rd mar


Reducing the Risk of COVID-19

In an effort to keep both patients and our surgical staff healthy and safe during the novel coronavirus outbreak, our office has suspended operations temporarily beginning on Monday, March 23rd.

logo-88x40During this time of closure and upon welcoming patient visits once again, we will continue our enhanced maintenance of an optimally-sanitized environment. To this end, we have installed a TZAP Air Purification System in addition to performing a daily sterilization of all surfaces within our office. This ultraviolet air-cleansing system has been proven to reduce the risk virus transmission within a conditioned space and can actually decrease the germs in a sneeze by 99% before they travel 3 feet.

To further improve the office habitat, Dr. Wesley has also limited patient traffic by suspending any fee for virtual consultations that he himself continues to perform. Moreover, Dr. Wesley and each member of his staff travel to and from the office and their homes only in their own private vehicles (rather than public transportation).

In compliance with the New York Dept of Health, our in-office activity will remain suspended until the mandate has been lifted for our specialty. With our objective to remain the cleanest and most sanitary office in NYC, we will continue to take measures to keep both our patients and our staff healthy and safe.

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