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Univ. Colorado and Mt. Sinai Invite Dr. Wesley to Lecture

mssm_logoThe Departments of Dermatology of two renowned institutions recently invited Dr. Carlos K. Wesley to deliver lectures on the topic of surgical hair restoration.  For both presentations, Dr. Wesley will educate resident physicians in training as well as surgical colleagues in various cosmetic specialties.  The University of Colorado Department of Dermatology has requested a presentation for their Grand Rounds in which Dr. Wesley will highlight all aspects of the field of treating hair loss in men and women.

University_of_Colorado_School_of_Medicine_403333In addition to describing the nuances of surgical hair transplantation in men and women of all ages, Dr. Wesley’s presentation in Colorado will cover aspects of non-invasive procedures such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) scalp injections and the effect on miniaturized hair follicles.  Patient selection – a key element of hair restoration treatments – will serve as the foundation of the presentation as different types of hair loss dictate the ideal form of treatment.  Both medical and surgical hair restoration plans will be covered in detail.

The presentation at NYC’s Mount Sinai Medical Center will also touch on innovations in hair restoration surgery.  Over the past decade a number of improvements related to surgical technique, holding solutions used during each procedure, and novel non-invasive methods of treatment have helped advance the field of hair restoration.  Findings related to the various innovations used in Dr. Wesley’s practice will be highlighted throughout this lecture series.

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