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Hair Loss Center New Hampshire

Welcome to Dr. Carlos K Wesley in New Hampshire
Dr. Carlos K Wesley surgical hair restoration clinic, New Hampshire welcomes all men and women experiencing unpleasant situations for drastic hair loss and growing alopecia. Here we offer permanent recovery from hair loss and new hair growth in balding areas through absolutely secured micro-surgical hair transplantation method.

Knowing Dr. Carlos K Wesley
Dr. Carlos K Wesley is a celebrated name in the field of hair transplantation surgeries and achieved infinite recognitions for his contribution to provide permanent solution for hair loss. He has been honored as member of prestigious organizations like “International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons”, “Coalition of Hair restoration Surgeons” and many more.

Acknowledging Hair Restoration New Hampshire
Most commonly found reason of chronic hair loss is genetics. Majority of hair loss patients has this issue from their heredity. But it can have various different problems like any wound in past, disease or meditational history can be also a valid cause. Because of variation of nature and pattern of balding doctors arrange a physical examination and check your medical records in details to understand if you are suitable for a surgical treatment. If they find you appropriate for a surgery only then they suggest a surgery for you.

Advanced hair restoration for New Hampshire
In recent times various new age discovery has been made in the field of hair restoration technology. Dr Wesley use highly effective Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to reinstate hair in New Hampshire. In these therapies follicular tissue is harvested from donor area of your scalp and used for hair transplantation in balding area. Doctors do it leaving minimal scar and zero chances of post surgery reactions so that aesthetic and wellbeing remain unaffected.

Along with patient’s aesthetic and health we also give special care to make whole check up session along with surgery convenient and comfortable for them. The whole treatment is done under careful observation of specialists letting the patient relax while the transplantation is going on.

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