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Each surgery is tailored to satisfy the patient’s aesthetic desires within the limits of their hair characteristics. With so much variation between each patient, it is essential that the physician perform a thorough in-office evaluation to ensure accurate expectations shared by both the surgeon and the patient.

schedule_an_appointmentEach consultation is comprised of four components: a physical exam, an overview of the surgery, a proposed surgical plan, and information about what to expect after the procedure. The exam consists of an evaluation of hair characteristics, an investigation of any underlying etiology to hair loss, and a general prognosis of future hair loss. Incorporating the patient’s goals into the surgical strategy helps to further reach an effective thorough physician-patient understanding.

For patients concerned with travel during the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are now offering VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS. You will receive a comprehensive and customized approach to improving your overall hair characteristics simply by submitting information about your medical history and current follicle health.

In person consultations generally last 45 minutes. To schedule an information session with Dr. Wesley in the New York office, please complete the information below or contact our appointment secretary at (844) 745-6362.

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