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A Decade of Growth: Various Patients from 2010-19
22nd Dec


A Decade of Growth: Various Patients from 2010-19

It has been a very enjoyable decade with numerous patient transformation. This video montage captures a few of our patient experiences from 2010-2019.

With an eye towards continuous improvements in patient care, our office performed thousands of surgeries, both FUT and FUE, on both men and women of all ages. Patients who were not deemed ideal candidates for the surgical approach to hair restoration benefited from a variety of non-surgical options including topical medications and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Innovation and research publications abounded in our practice as efforts aimed at optimizing patient experiences, patient comfort, and overall aesthetic outcomes helped our practice earn accolades worldwide.

We very much look forward to more innovation and live-improving patient transformations in the years to come!

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