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23rd Nov


Dr. Wesley Authors HRS Review for World’s Largest Physician Reference Site

Highlighting the most recent advances in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Carlos Wesley and Dr. Walter Unger were selected as editors in a review of current techniques by WebMD (owners of Medscape and eMedicine). This online resource for physicians and other health professionals features peer-reviewed original medical articles and presents a translation of the body of current research into clinical practice guidelines from the perspective of each subspecialty.

The WebMD/Medscape Reference is the most authoritative and accessible point of care medical reference available to physicians and other health care professionals on the Internet. WebMD/Medscape Reference has a worldwide audience, including all of the 192 UN-recognized countries as well as other states and territories. The site is part of the WebMD Professional Network, which receives an average of 1.5 million physician visits per month.

The evidence-based content, updated regularly by some 7,000 attributed physician or health care provider authors and editors, provides the latest practice guidelines in 38 clinical areas. A 2009 study showed 89.1% of physician specialists respondents accessed peer-reviewed material online, including WebMD and 12% used WebMD as their first source when conducting research online.

Drs. Wesley and Unger composed an updated review article entitled, “Hair Transplantation Procedures” that is featured in the dermatology section of the physician reference site. All content in WebMD is available free of charge for professionals and consumers alike. The article may be viewed here.

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