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Dr. Wesley Discusses What May Save Cancer Patients’ Hair


Recently, the FDA granted clearance to the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, which is said to reduce the activity of hair follicles during chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. Dr. Wesley helped shed light on the possible benefit ofthis device in his interview with New Beauty Magazine.

The way it works is fairly simple. The cap, which is made of neoprene, is placed on the patient’s head before, during and after a chemotherapy session, which connects to a specialized unit that reduces blood flow in the scalp and slow down the rate at which the cells divide. In doing this, there’s less damage to the cells and they’re less likely to stop growing and lead to hair loss.

23E4507900000578-2865959-A_review_found_that_around_50_per_cent_retained_enough_hair_duri-a-36_1418077719307The DigniCap is currently available at 53 different sites in 17 states across the country, giving women more confidence in their appearance during difficult times.

Dr. Wesley noted that, “According to a 2015 meta analysis (a scientific review of a large number of specific studies on this subject) of methods to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss, scalp cooling was the only one found to result in a statistically-significant reduction of hair loss. But, it’s very important for people to realize that scalp cooling therapy is not for every type of cancer that chemotherapy can treat. Some studies have shown that only patients with solid tumors are likely to benefit, not patients with circulating cancer cells such as leukemia or lymphoma.”


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