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1st Sep


Dr. Wesley Invited as Ground Rounds Lecturer at University of Colorado

With a unique emphasis on the ways in which hair restoration surgery can serve as a useful adjunct to their practice, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley has been invited to deliver a Grand Rounds lecture to the University of Colorado Department of Dermatology In addition to sharing with his colleagues current approaches to achieving the most natural appearance, Dr. Wesley’s lecture is to highlight corrective strategies in both male and female patients who have undergone facelifts, wide-margin excisions of skin cancers, and notable skin trauma to hair-bearing areas of the body.

The lecture will provide a foundation for dermatologists who are not otherwise familiar with the field of hair restoration surgery. In addition, it will provide insights and anecdotes regarding the use of hair transplantation coupled with full-thickness skin grafts and pedicled flaps. In these scenarios, blood supply is often the limiting factor related to the ultimate success of the surgery. Therefore, Dr. Wesley will describe methods to maximize hair follicle survival after transplantation.

This lecture will serve as just one of the many information sessions to raise awareness amongst fellow physicians regarding the utility and advancement of the hair restoration surgical field as a whole.

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