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Dr. Wesley Presents at Chicago’s International Hair Meeting

Slide1At the 2015 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Meeting held in Chicago, IL, Dr. Wesley was invited to deliver a lecture in the “New Innovations” portion of the conference.  Dr. Wesley’s speech, entitled “Piloscopy: A Novel Subdermal Approach to Harvest Intact Hair Follicles that Maintains Transplanted Graft Viability without Evidence of Donor Scarring” highlighted the evolution of the surgical technique to harvest hair follicles in a manner never before performed.

*ISHRS_150911_3610smallHighlights from Dr. Wesley’s lecture can be viewed in the shared video seen here.  Within his lecture, not only are video depictions of the various iterations of the instrument shown, but it also contains actual footage of the surgical device performing this novel method of hair follicle harvesting.  The evolution of piloscopy has been a gradual process, initiated in 2008.  However, as this lecture demonstrates, the approach is growing closer and closer to being realized in a surgical setting.  It is estimated that the piloscopic technique may be able to be performed for large hair transplantation sessions in approximately two years.

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