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Hair Loss Center Los Angeles

Hair Restoration Center Los Angeles
Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is one of the best surgeons that provides awesome solutions to his patients suffering from moderate to severe hair loss. If you are looking to regain your beautiful, healthy hair he uses the most successful hair transplant techniques, Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Los Angeles. Dr. Wesley is a graduate of the Yale University School of Medicine and is extremely skilled in the technology of advanced micro-grafting. For his contributions in the field of hair transplantation, he is a member of the “International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons”.

If you are showing signs of early hair loss or balding, Dr. Wesley’s Hair Clinic is able to give you a permanent solution and help you regain your beautiful hair. He uses the most advanced, harmless (FUT) and (FUE) techniques. These amazing new techniques will help you to regain your appearance and give you back your confidence.

Understanding Hair Loss Los Angeles
Hair loss and male pattern baldness may be caused by an array of circumstances. It can be from a mild to severe head injury, heredity or from the hormone. DHT. This hormone is known to be the common reason of hair loss and even the disorder alopecia.

To diagnose and evaluate the signs of hair loss is extremely important. The first step in diagnosing hair loss is by a doctor assessing the reasons for the patient’s hair loss. He will perform a thorough examination, ask for the patient’s medical history and assess their current physical condition. Dr. Wesley will then use all of this important information and suggest the correct treatment plan.

Hair Restoration Surgery Los Angeles
Dr. Wesley uses only the newest and effective Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques for hair transplantation. By using these amazing techniques there is no risk of infection, leaves very little scarring and there will be no unwanted spots left. By understanding why hair loss happens, this gives the doctor a better understanding of how to treat the patient and provide the right surgery. If you are interested in full hair coverage within the balding area, then the best method for you will be (FUT). If short hair is what you prefer, then the best method for you would be (FUE).

Effortless Surgery in Los Angeles
Our Los Angeles clinic is open to anyone even if they do not reside in the area. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with the most comfortable and relaxing environment. The most important thing to Dr. Wesley is that his patients are taken care of and leave his clinic with the look they want. While your surgery is being performed you can watch movies or just relax. All post-surgical surgeries will be watched closely by Dr. Wesley to insure that everything is healing nicely and you have received the look you desire.

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