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Hair Loss Center Delaware

Welcome to Dr. Carlos K.Wesley’s Hair Clinic for hair restoration in Delaware. Men and women in Delaware, who are seeking to restore their appearance by regaining their lost tresses while covering the balding area, can get an absolute recovery from the problem of hair loss and baldness under the supervision of an expert in hair restoration.

Hair grafting technology has reached its pinnacle with the introduction of the highly advanced Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. Our clinic’s restoration of your hair with a secured micro-grafting surgery will ensure hair growth without post-surgical infection.

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in Delaware
Dr. Wesley is a graduate of Princeton University, and received his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine. He is a renowned physician in the field of hair restoration in Delaware, who has been recognized for his academic excellence and received an honorary membership in the Coalition of Hair Restoration Surgeons for his notable contributions in the solving of hair loss with advanced surgical hair transplantation. Today he is providing his expertise to those individuals in Delaware who are seeking a solution to the hair loss issue.

Diagnosing Hair Loss in Delaware
Before surgery can be scheduled, patients must undergo a comprehensive consultation, where Dr. Wesley will review your medical records, conduct a physical examination, diagnose the pattern of hair loss, along with his recommendations for treatment. Hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons; hereditary, past wounds, disease or medications. Males who suffer from alopecia, DHT hormone is the main cause. Surgery will only be authorized if the patient is found to be a candidate for it.

Hair Transplantation Surgery in Delaware
Dr. Wesley restores your hair growth covering the bald area of your head with the help of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique according to the pattern of hair loss. At our clinic a patient’s needs are foremost. Our main focus remains on patient’s comfort while reinventing the aesthetic without leaving any unnatural scar on the patient’s skin. The surgery is performed in a relaxed ambience for the comfort of the patient.

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