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5th Jul


New Topical Formulas Producing Results Without Side Effects of Pills


We have seen promising results from patients being treated with our combination therapy: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) & Topical Hair Growth Blend.  Even after a few months, patients begin to notice an increase in hair volume and coverage that can be profound.  In addition, the side effect profile of this non-surgical method for hair restoration has been demonstrated to be much safer than therapy with oral medication.

More information regarding the action of these medications can be viewed on our Medical Therapy page.

Patient examples include this young man in his 20s seen before and four months after initiation of our combination therapy. In addition to global images, we have included magnified images of a birthmark atop his scalp to clarify that the new coverage is not simply a result of a “comb over”, but rather authentic new hair growth.

Various studies have demonstrated that topical use of one active ingredient in the hair growth blend (finasteride) results in nearly undetectable systemic absorption.  So, unlike the pill form of finasteride, the topical formula is barely detected in patient’s serum after use.  We have circled the trace amount of plasma finasteride that best represents our topical hair growth blend in blue.  This study was published in The Int’l Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and can be viewed here.

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