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28th Apr


New York Times features a day in the life of the Wesley family

20ROUTINE4-master675-v2And now on a more personal note…

The New York Times recently highlighted the events of a typical Sunday in the family life of Dr. Wesley. His wife, Anna Kaiser, owns a very popular dance-based-fitness studio called AKT in Motion. Together, with their miniature Australian Shepherd, Harlie, they shared details of their Sunday routine. 

Anna Kaiser’s work schedule is nothing short of grueling. Ms. Kaiser, the founder and chief executive of AKT, a group of dance-based boutique fitness studios, said she puts in 14-hour days Monday through Saturday, shuttling between her four locations — two in Manhattan, one in the Hamptons and one in New Canaan, Conn. — to teach classes. She says she also manages to fit in private sessions with celebrity clients like the singer Shakira and duties as a host of an ABC reality series, “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.” She takes Sundays off. Ms. Kaiser, 36, lives on the Upper West Side with her husband, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley, 41, a hair restoration surgeon, and their miniature Australian shepherd, Harlie.


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