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21st Apr


New York Times Highlights Dr. Wesley’s Female Hair Loss Treatment

NYTHairThe increasing success in the treatment of hair loss in females was highlighted in a recent edition of The New York Times. Dr. Wesley’s work with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and its use in combating genetic hair loss appeared in “New Treatments for Thinning Hair in Women.”   This feature article in the “Fashion and Style” section of The Times described the increase in the amount of female patients seen by Dr. Wesley between 2013 and 2014 and attributed it partially to the positive results he has demonstrated it the use of this procedure in increasing hair growth and density for his patients.

PRP therapy was first popularized in sports medicine before making its way into the world of cosmetic medicine.  The autologous (comes from the patient him or herself) nature of the procedure maintains an encouraging safety profile and its local anti-inflammatory effect at the treatment site may be the primary cause of the positive findings seen thus far.  Results are generally appreciated within a few months of treatment.

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