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29th Jun


Our Private Label Hair Supplements Have Arrived!

beautyhairCombining the scientifically-proven elements for hair health into a single capsule, Dr. Wesley can now provide patients with the dietary supplements patients have sought. This MADE IN THE USA product is based on evidence published in various studies highlighting the nutritional influences on hair.

Each individual component of Dr. Wesley’s supplement provides a specific benefit to patients’ hair. Iron and Biotin are essential cofactors in follicle growth. The antioxidant Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption and aids in collagen (connective tissue) formation – important for hair. Supplementation with the essential amino acid, L-Lysine, and Zinc can minimize hair shedding. Finally, the most bioavailable form of folic acid is also included which has proven helpful for metabolism and cell turnover in healthy hair follicles.

IMG_7142While patients of Dr. Wesley have benefited for a while by taking each of these supplements individually, now they can achieve the synergistic effect with this all-in-one hair supplement.

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