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AP, 32 yrs old: Got a haircut today barber asked if I got a transplant. He said it was the best he’s ever seen. Compliments!

MA, 54 yrs old: “I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your team for the wonderful experience I had this past week. It was the total antithesis of my previous experience with Bosley and I credit most of that to your warm, caring and skilled care. Your staff was also so attentive, knowledgeable and caring. I will definitely be a strong marketing advocate for you to any and every one looking for hair replacement and look forward to hopefully showing you my new head of thick hair in the upcoming months.”

VB, 28 yrs old: “Prior to the (procedure) Dr. Wesley walked me through every aspect of his technique and the procedure itself. In fact I learn more and more about HT in general during each and every one of our conversations (wish I knew some of this prior to my first HT!). The (procedure) was a breeze and Dr. Wesley and his staff have superb patient care.”

TB, 67 yrs old: “As always it was a pleasure speaking to you today. I feel like I learn an incredible amount each time we sit and speak.”

JV, 27 yrs old: “I immediately liked Dr. Wesley, and could tell how excited he is about his (modern) method, he makes it impossible to not share in his excitement.”

AD, 34 yrs old: “I wanted to share with you my results after 6mo’s the picture below is prior to Surgury. I will send 6mo post op in second email as I cannot post 2nd picture from phone. I wanted to thank you for bringing me back to life!!! Post op 6 months picture to follow.”

SM, 53 yrs old: “Wow. Big change already. I am going to be one hairy dude…It really does look great…’cause ‘you the man!’ Thanks” “P.S. I just gave your contact info to the cut who cuts my hair for the past 10 years. **** Salon. Thought your work was the best and will refer patients your way!”
“I expect my haircuts to cost more now that I have HAIR!”

JC, 23 yrs old: “Just wanted to write a quick post and say – thank you, I could not be happier with the results I have had so far. Tomorrow will be my 6 month mark.

You could never tell anything happened in the donor area – and the same can be said for the recipient area, the hair has been placed so nice and has filled in the temple region completely. It looks so natural.

A rundown of my timeline:

1 Month – Donor area was completely unnoticeable after 3 weeks – recipient area was fine after 3 weeks as well – returned to work and no one could notice anything.
2-3 Months – Donor area again fine – being deployed i had it shaved down on the sides and back to a 0.5 and you could not tell anything had happened. Baby hairs began to grow – were not thick but could see the beginning formation of the new hairline.
4-5 Months – it seems like i woke up one morning and the hair in the recipient area became thick and filled in – it blended perfectly with my old hairline.

Thanks again I could not be happier – I return back to the states in January sometime and will swing into the office when I get up to the city.”

JK, 48 yrs old: I just had to post to tell everyone this story. I had a job yesterday (one day gig) with seven people I had never met before. Out of the blue, one of the women signaled me to come over so she could speak with me. She said, “I just want to tell you that you have the most beautiful hair”. I almost fell over. I’m just glad to have hair PERIOD!

So, you should know that not only do I have plenty of hair, but it’s also BEAUTIFUL. I have to say that I agree – my hair is looking really good. Thanks again.”

LS, 34 yrs old: “It’s always a pleasure coming in to the office. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I only wish I had this opportunity long ago – of course, had I done this before, I wouldn’t have benefited by your expertise so things work out the way they should.

I’m glad that two others have “joined the bandwagon”. If patients are this pleased, you will be turning away new patients right and left in a very short time. Again, my offer to speak to prospective patients always stands.

Enjoy the rest of the winter. All the best to you and Anna.”

NO, 48 yrs old: “I am ordinarily a very private person but I feel compelled to post this thread for two reasons. The first is the wealth of knowledge and
confidence I gained from all of you who have shared your experiences
with me. I spent hours and hours combing through the forums and blogs
on this site, and learned so much about modern hair restoration and
the many outstanding doctors performing these life-changing
procedures. The second, and more compelling reason I’m writing, is to
express the enormous gratitude I have for Dr. Carlos Wesley and his
amazing staff.

Approximately 15 years ago, when I was in my early 20’s, I had hair
restoration surgery with Dr. Leon Waller. At that time, my hairline
started to recede and thin, and Dr. Waller performed 2 sessions to
thicken it up. (Roughly 1500 grafts in total over 3 years). I was very
happy with Dr. Waller and the results. As my hair continued to thin,
however, I couldn’t afford to keep up with needed procedures, and I
was left with just the grafts that Dr. Waller transplanted. It looked
ok, I guess, but as the years went by I always said to myself,
“someday I will go back and finish what I started.”

Needless to say, the years went by and I never went back. My
confidence worsened and I started to feel helpless. The problem wasn’t
money! It was the fact that I had waited too long, and my job did not
afford me the option to cover-up the effects of the surgery. I felt my
colleagues and friends would notice, and I didn’t have the courage to
go for it.

One day this past fall, I sat down at my computer and started
researching what the latest procedures were and what doctors were
recommended. That’s when I found HRN. I spent three hours reading and
looking at pictures. Wow…I just might be able to do this! I made a
list of the doctors that I wanted to see and immediately made
appointments for consultations.

I met with Dr. Bernstein first and it did not go as well as I had
hoped. Dr. Bernstein told me he couldn’t work around my existing
grafts and wanted to transplant the majority of them to the crown area
first. This was not an option for me. I was concerned about the fact
that I would first have to lose my entire hairline before going back
months later so he could create a new one. When I expressed my
concerns, and aksed if there were other options, he flatly stated,

I then called Dr. Feller’s office. I was intrigued by what I had read
about his “mega-sessions.” His staff was very nice and helpful over
the phone, but I learned in that conversation that his proceedures all
require the patient to shave the entire recepient area. Again this was
not an option for me. I couldn’t go to work with my head shaved. I
went back to the drawing board (i.e. HRN) and conducted more research
on which doctors would not require you to shave your head. HRN led me
to 2 more physicians, and I immediately made appointments with both –
Dr. Robert Dorin and Dr. Carlos Wesley.

I made the appointments for the same day, and I met Dr. Wesley first.
The consultation went great! Dr. Wesley was an absolute gentleman, and
spent a lot of time with me discussing his proceedures and showing me
photos to illustrate what he could do to help me. All the confidence I
lost when I left Dr. Bernstein was restored and then some! Dr. Wesley
felt strongly that he could work with my existing grafts and believed
it provided a stong “scaffolding” to work around. He was as excited as
I was about the process, and was confident that he could transplant
approx. 2000 units in and around my hairline and crown area. I have to
say, I was so excited and impressed with Dr. Wesley, I almost didn’t
even go to see Dr. Dorin.

When I left the office, I thought about how important this was to me
and how much time I put into my research, so I headed downtown to see
Dr. Dorin. Dr. Dorin and his staff were great. They spent a lot of
time with me and answered all my questions as well. Dr. Dorin was
equally confident that he could work with my existing grafts and
shaving would not be necessary.

In the end, I decided to go with Dr. Wesley. Anyone who has seen Dr.
Wesley’s work knows that he is extremely talented and a true
professional. But thankfully, that can be said for a number of other
doctors recommended here by HRN. I chose Dr. Wesley because he simply
made me the most comfortable as a patient. He respected how important
this process was to me and he knew that I was consulting other
doctors. In fact, he encouraged it! I had a lot of questions and he
took the time in person, over the telephone, and through emails to
answer all of them. Frankly, he made making my decision very easy.

This past February, I had the proceedure done with Dr. Wesley and it
went FANTASTIC. When you meet Dr. Wesley, the first thing he will tell
you is how lucky he is to work with his talented staff. Well…he’s
right. Dr. Wesley’s assistants made me feel comfortable throughout the
day and I was clear to me how well they all work together. The
hairline Dr. Wesley created looked amazing and it was easy to see how
natural it’s going to look in just a few more months. In the weeks
that followed, Dr. Wesley and I stayed in touch over the phone and by
email, and he continued his phenominal “bedside manner.” I’m now a
little more than two months out and my hair has already started to
grow. I’m happy to say that the healing time went as fast as Dr.
Wesley said it would, and more importantly to me, no one could tell
that I had anything done.

I’m now in my early 40’s and have more confidence than I’ve ever had
in my appearance. Dr. Wesley and his staff have changed my life. There
is no other way to put it. For those of you who may read this post,
and are trying to decide if hair transplant surgery is right for you,
do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Wesley. You will never regret it.

I just can’t tell you how thankful I am to Dr. Wesley and how happy I
am to be able to say that “someday,” finally came.”

MT, 45 yrs old: “Just a quick note to say that all is going well one week past my surgery. I have been on the road, moving from hotel to hotel, bathtub to bathtub, actually, as I accomplish some last minute research on New England towns. Soaking all the way and being quite careful.

Pain has been much lower than it was for previous surgeries. Your care and patience has been a big part of that. These things can make a diffference.

I will be in for suture removal on Thurs. Thanks for doing such a great job. See you tomorrow.”

BF, 28 yrs old: “I hope you’re well, and that all goes successfully with your practise. I won’t take up you time with chat except to say that I continue to look back on my recent experience with surgery and confess that it was much more comfortable and easy than in times past (with other doctors). Thank you.”

JB, 29 yrs old: “I did a consultation with Dr. Wesley and I was very impressed with the man. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and extremely thorough. In fact, I found (Dr. Wesley) to be the most thoughtful of all the physicians with whom I have met.

He gave me his undivided attention. There was no patient advisor to meet with first, no interruptions, no ringing phones and he saw me promptly at our scheduled time—not thirty minutes late, which tends to be the industry standard. He spent well over an hour with me answering in detail all my questions and thoroughly considering all the variables involved. He left no stone unturned.

One thing I particularly liked about him was that he didn’t shy away from competing views and philosophies. He acknowledged that each doctor does things their own way, yet emphasized that philosophical difference do not necessarily equate with qualitative differences—in short, he refused to denigrate the competitor. If anything, he showed an awful lot of respect to efforts and contributions of his colleagues in the hair restoration field.

I’ve come across many doctors who seem to think themselves infallible. I’m naturally suspicious of anyone in any profession who thinks this way. This is not the impression I got form Dr. Wesley. He respects the science, the artistry, the craft, and the various contributions others make to the advancement of HT. He seemed very passionate and intrigued by the science behind it all.

He’s very cerebral, like a scientist with a personal stake in his research, which comes off as passion. Clearly, he’s a man of ideas. He understands that each patient requires a completely different approach. He discussed at length the importance of personalizing every procedure because of the individual variables such as ethnicity, age, family history, hair characteristics, etc…

It was a relief to learn that he only does one procedure a day. I’ve heard of physicians that run their clinics like automated factories. He emphasized to me that HTs require an enormous amount of concentration and detail in graft placement, the angle of recipient incision, design, etc… needless to say, I was impressed.

My consultation with (Dr. Wesley) was the most in-depth and thorough of any of the consultations that I’ve had. He spent well over an hour with me in his office and went through my hair several times with a fine-tooth comb. He certainly taught me a thing or two as well. I learned a lot.

Clearly, he’s in the conservative camp. The way I see it, either you’re conservative or you’re not. That’s all there really is to it. Conservative doctors produce excellent results. Aggressive doctors produce excellent results. I don’t see the point in debating it any further. To suggest that there is only one path of performing URFUT would negate all the fine results from either side of the conservative/aggressive camps.

I learned more in my consultation with him than I did in all my other consultations. He taught me a few things about HT that I had never come across on the forums. If anything, he impressed upon me that inexactness of the science of HT, however, what we do know is encouraging.

Lastly, at no point did he try to sell me or assume the sale. He gave me his analysis and explained how he came to it and why. Very professional, patient, no hard selling, no urgency to make a decision, yet genuinely passionate about his work.

Long story short: Dr. Wesley has my recommendation.”

MG, 47 yrs old: “Dr. Wesley is real down to earth and easy to talk with. Try to arrange a consult with him. He is very skilled and gives solid information.

If you are interested in checking this out (the procedure) was a breeze in my opinion. It is good to see that there are more options becoming available to patients . Being a repair patient I appreciate the new techniques coming out .”

CC, 42 yrs old: “Hi Dr. Wesley,

Thank you for spending so much of your time with me yesterday. The amount of care, consideration and enthusiasm was unparalleled.

Prior to coming in for my consultation, I was not aware that you were a member of the ISHRS (sloppy research on my part). So, please forgive my awkward questioning about the where you stood in relation to the ISHRS. It all makes sense today.

Thank you for your passion.”

AK, 59 yrs old: I was so comfortable and impressed with you during my consultation on March 9th. I am strongly considering doing my transplant with you. I have visited your site several times and looked at the case studies as well as studied your bio and CV. I find it all impressive and very reassuring.

You were so knowledgeable and detailed in answering all of my questions, I became quite comfortable with you and I really connected with your straightforward manner and expertise.”

JS, 25 yrs old: “Morning Dr Wesley-thanks so much again for evrything. I had really had a great experience with you. Just wanted to know if I can have coffee this morning:)
See you soon!”

GY, 32 yrs old: “Hope you had a nice weekend and starting to see my new hair line.. Can’t wait to do more:)
Thanks again for everything!”

JB, 29 yrs old: “Thanks again for everything.. I can only imagine how happy I will be . Sorry I was out of it today but really wanted you to know how grateful I am for everything. I just finished my schedule for next week and realized I don’t have an appointment with you..but I think ill be okay:)
Thank you so much again and hopefully see you soon.”

AD, 62 yrs old: “Dr. Carlos, Gracias y suerte. AD”

RL, 47 yrs old: “You (and your staff) are rock stars…totally a blast… Seriously, you really have an amazing way that is so cool yet very calming and refreshing.”

JW, 34 yrs old: “Hey Doc! Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me last Wednesday! I found it extremely informative and walked out of your office extremely excited about the entire procedure. I touched base with Loretta yesterday, and we’re trying to schedule the procedure on a day that will work for everyone.”

BO, 24 yrs old: “my head is filling in nicely and people notice a difference.”

JB, 51 yrs old: “Hello Dr.Wesley, This is just a short note to say meeting with you and your staff was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had with doctors and their staffs. Your laid back approach made me feel as if I was your only patient. I wish you would can your method of interacting with patients and distribute it to the entire medical community, irrespective of their area of expertise. The medical world would be in a better place.

Best way I can say it, you made me feel comfortable.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Take and stay well.”

JB, 51 yrs old: “The procedure went well. I’ve actually experienced more discomfort having my teeth cleaned by my dentist. Of course, your staff was great. Quite entertaining as well.”

CH, 64 yrs old: “You get the doctor award for concern and great follow up! (I think you should go into internal medicine, you would have an amazing following!) Thank you for checking.”

JK, 49 yrs old: “I really want to take the opportunity to thank you in writing for the wonderful care that you and your staff have provided this past week. You have an extraordinary office and I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful physician (and person). I believe that I am doing quite well with respect to the procedure. The sutures seem secure and the skin looks healthy. Also, although I know it’s possible that they still may temporarily die and fall out, the implanted hairs are holding strong at this point.

Look forward to seeing you and your staff on Wednesday morning. Enjoy the remainder of the beautiful weather today.”

MA, 42 yrs old: “I hope you are well and getting ready to go somewhere for the Holidays- or at least relax. I think my friends, JB and CK have have scheduled their procedures and are very excited. (One of my friends) has healed great and I saw (another friend who came to you) for the first time in 5 months and his hairline looked so thick. He is very happy and I told him you had asked about him.

I am still thrilled with you and my procedure and will continue to send you many more people.

Happy Holidays”

MT, 51 yrs old: “Dear Dr Wesley, I just wanted to thank you and your staff again for the wonderful care you gave me during my surgery last week. Everyone was very kind, caring, and professional during my visit and you and your staff have my gratitude and appreciation. You have a first class practice.”

JK, 55 yrs old: “I was walking on Park about two weeks ago and I happened to pass your office and noticed that your name plate had been removed from the door. I was a bit worried but, after checking on the internet, was happy to see that you’ve opened your own practice/office. I wish you great success and happiness in your new facility. Perhaps you moved long ago but since I only found out recently, I am sending my best wishes.

I cannot see how your own practice won’t be wildly popular and successful. You are truly unique. From the moment I entered the office on Park and 70th, you were warm and friendly – very unlike what most people think of the typical doctor. I’m sure all of your patients feel comfortable as I’ve always felt and it makes SUCH a difference. Although you are always respectably professional, you have also seemed like a friend I am grateful to you as much for your character as your skill.

I know you are busy so I’ll close but I have to say, again, that I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. Without ANY humility, my hair is spectacular. I have never gotten compliments on my hair – even when I had a great head of hair as a kid. With no exaggeration, I am complimented on how beautiful my hair is at least twice a week, many times by total strangers. I’m always taken aback – but thrilled at the same time.”

NW, 42 yrs old: “Dr. Wesley, I should have written this review long ago. I want everyone to know that the results are spectacular. I have been soooo busy and out of the country for many months since February when your office contacted me. It has been difficult to set an appointment but I am compelled to do so. You must see the results of your good work.

I promise to contact Barbara and schedule an appointment soon.”

RS, 28 yrs old: The procedure has really changed my life. I look forward to styling my hair everyday. It takes me half the time to get ready. U and ur staff did an excelled job. It looks better than I could have imagined. Ur going to be very pleased with ur work. See u at the end of April. Enjoy ur winter!”

DL, 32 yrs old: “Hello Dr Wesley—- hope all is well. I can’t help but think every morning what a great job you and your team did. Soooo happy with the results 🙂 We want to wish u and all of ur loved ones a great holiday season. Please know u can always count on me to be an advocate for making a difference in my business and personal life. Thanks again. Be well.”

JG, 50 yrs old: “I meet with a prospective patient of yours on Friday. He was extremely impressed and blown away with my results and ur work. He said he would never have known i had a procedure done. Extremely impressed with the natural hair line- great density and overall results. I showed him my before- during and after pictures. Didnt think those kinds of results were possible.”

KB, 47 yrs old: “As you know the staff is a very important part of the procedure. Your professionalism and demeanor dovetails well with them. I can’t emphasize enough that the way you made me feel with my consultations with you is what made me do a procedure I swore was a mistake and would never do again (after having had it done improperly with a different surgeon years ago). Thanks for hanging in there with me about my apprehension. I’m excited to see the results!”

KL, 49 yrs old: “On a lighter note, I took myself to the salon owner that cuts my hair, All the staff knew that I was having this done.
I never had so many people flock around me before at one time…all impressed! I felt like a real VIP!!”

LB, 37 yrs old: “My friends who have come to Dr. Wesley since I had my procedure with him and his great team are so pleased with the service and results they achieved and especially Dr. Wesley’s care and attention.”

NH, 41 yrs old: “Im very excited to see the final results, though I must say I am very pleased with everything so far. I feel Dr. Wesley is courteous polite and have excellent professional bedside manners. I think making a person feel comfortable with themselves and their decision to undergo hair replacement surgery is by far one of the most essential ingredients for successful results.”

CB, 53 yrs old: “I recently underwent a hair transplantation procedure at Dr. Wesley’s Clinic in New York City and am very pleased with the experience and results thus far in my recovery process.

The session was performed by Dr. Wesley and his medical team to replace hair loss at the temples and brow line and it went quite smoothly and was quite successful.

Even though I was given pain medication afterwards, it was not necessary for me to take any as I experienced no pain following surgery and was even able to very easily move and bend my head without any discomfort or stiffness immediately afterwards. I was also given the option of taking homeopathic remedies during the pre and post-operative periods and found this alternative very much to my liking.

The facility is run like a family clinic, and the staff are very professional, yet warm and welcoming. Dr. Wesley always took the time to patiently and clearly respond to my questions and address all of my concerns. He and his team were approachable and seemed eager to achieve the very best results. From my interactions with Dr. Wesley and his staff, it is apparent that they take great pride in and derive much satisfaction from their work.”

JV, 38 yrs old: “Dr Wesley, I wanted to let you know that a new crop of hair seems to have came out of nowhere, some extra follicles must have woke up from when you did the second transplant in Sep.

Overall it looks amazing. There is so much hair, mid scalp and crown and this is not counting the now many new stubs that came.”

DM, 57 yrs old: “Just thought I’d write a quick note to say how happy I am with my results so far. The hair on top of my head has regrown about an inch or so and the overall coverage along with the significantly reduced “pluggy” appearance is more than I expected at this stage. I feel far less self-conscious about my appearance than I did before the procedure and the transplanted hair hasn’t even grown in yet. Nice work! I should have met you 5 years ago.”

AK, 34 yrs old: “Another update: I continue to be very happy with what I see in the mirror. The micrographs that Dr. Wesley placed in my hairline are about an inch long now. I really like how my hairline looks thicker, softer and much more natural while at the same time the change isn’t so great that anyone really notices that I’ve had anything done. Again, my expectations have been happily exceeded.

The self-consciousness I felt about my hair is almost completely gone since regardless of whether my hair is wet, dry, windblown, slept-on, whatever — it looks overall much more natural and it would take a very discerning eye, I think, to spot the fact that I’ve had anything done.

Your artistry is very much appreciated.”

NW, 31 yrs old: “Your office staff is courteous, professional and very friendly.

Seems cliche, but they really respect what you’re going through, I shared the same sentiment that everyone with hair loss feels, and its remarkable how people like Dr. Wesley and staff who do not have alopecia can empathize. Instructions, payment everything done very orderly, informed and convenient.”

GG, 54 yrs old: “I wanted to thank you and the rest of your staff for all the work you did and the time you spent. I have absolutely no doubt that the results will be beautiful and totally satisfying to me. I hope you will feel just as proud of your expertise and creative eye.”

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