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Vogue Meets with Dr. Wesley: Pregnancy & Hair Loss

A common frustration that many women face during the weeks and months immediately following pregnancy is the change in hair density and caliber.  Vogue Magazine sat down with Carlos K. Wesley, MD to discuss the biological basis behind these hair changes throughout the course of this process.

In Vogue’s feature article “How to Deal with Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss: The Experts Weigh In“, Dr. Wesley not only provides scientific information regarding what positive changes occur with pregnant women’s hair during their first two trimesters, but he also offers various methods to combat the unwanted trends in hair characteristics during the early post-natal process.

“Among the many physical changes that take place during the nine-plus months of pregnancy, differences in hair volume and texture are among the most celebrated. “Estrogen levels rise and are at an all-time high, and that has a positive impact on skin and hair,” says New York City–based hair-restoration surgeon Dr. Carlos Wesley, whose own wife, Anna Kaiser, is pregnant and currently experiencing this firsthand. “Estrogen binds to little estrogen receptors at the base of follicles, and it holds the hair for a longer period of time in the growth phase. The caliber of your hair is higher as well, and if you increase the caliber of every hair on your head, you increase the overall volume by about 38 percent. (click here for the complete article)”



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